Involved since a long time in Reference Data Management (RDM)

Khiplus and DBM

A little of history…

Since 1998, Khiplus has studied, created , designed and produced specific data referential.

Sharing the paradigms and processes recommended by the MDM Alliance Group (MAG) to manage and to develop data referentials, Khiplus joined MAG in 2008.

In the meantime, products emerged on the market, each of them bringing a piece of the overall solutions for a referential (BPM, ETL, DQM, MDM, BRMS…), that Khiplus has progressively integrated into its solutions.

By analysing difficulties experienced by its customers to detect, to highlight and to implement their data referentials , given the profusion of these new products, and thanks to its experience in technical project management, Khiplus Consulting integrated in its range of services an extra offer of business analysis assistance, held by Khiplus Consulting subsidiary.

Khiplus Advance subsidiary is mainly dedicated to the development of technical data referential and knowledge base for customers in Defense and security domains.