Khiplus Advance, a leading expert in data referential management supporting defense and security strategic capabilities

Khiplus Advance

Services of Khiplus Advance

  • Technical project management of Command & control operational Information Systems in support of National and International institutions implementing defence and security strategic capability.
  • Design and implementation of data referential and knowledge base in operational context with strong constraints.

Our customers

Spatial, Defense and Energy regulated markets : national market (Ministry of Defense, public and semi-public companies) and international (NATO, EU)

Our assets

  • A team of skilled engineers, with double competences: IT and customer business.
  • 30-years of experience enhancing our knowledge in military intelligence and electronic warfare.
  • Capability to use multiple ways of developing a project from « crisis urgent requirement projects» to standard industrialised projects.
  • Combat proven tools and methodological approach, ensuring the operational performance of our achievement.