The spirit that drives us …

Our values

Our Company name « Khiplus » is full of symbols:

The greek letter « Khi » symbolises knowledge, the heart of our job. It’s also the cry that releases the energy in the martial arts and reflects our competitive spirit. « Plus » symbolises our constant commitment for excellence.

The highest level of commitment to understand and to meet customers’ needs is our main concern.

Khiplus is committed to develop and to maintain mutually beneficial external and internal relationships with customers, partners, providers, and its employees that are based on mutual respect and commitment.

« Khiplusiens », as we used to call each other, have a strong result-based culture: projects achieved by respecting agreed performance, deadline and budget objectives.

Thanks to this positive team spirit, Khiplus has built trustable long-term relationships with its customers and got the capability to bid for critical and innovating projects against major international Companies.