A Company shaped to provide successful and responsiveness Core Business Information Systems

Company profile

Khiplus is supporting its customers all along projects life cycle: from the drawing up of the requirements to the operational implementation in the Core business Information System including the related Operation & Maintenance Service level agreement.

Khiplus relies on a proactive and driven team of experts holding various skills and possessing a highly motivated work ethic.

In 30-years years of existence, Khiplus has both maintained its capability to offer cutting-edge technology solutions and to take advantage from lessons learnt
so that Khiplus is able to run an efficient methodological approach, adaptable to every project specificities.

All these assets enable Khiplus to be the right and trustable partner for every Company, which relies on its Core business Information System performances to be more competitive and more innovative.

Khiplus is ISO 9001 : 2015 certified.